Russell’s Super Bowl

NFL works to project an image that sports on the field is cousin to the military. It endorses the notion that prowess on the field is akin to valor among our soldiers. In that light, it is of interest that one debates the value of sacrificing brains and bodily health to sport. The other simply feeds the brains,  bodies, and sanctity of family to feed the hungers of war.

Pretty amazing production that the NFL has put together so far. Better than the advertising so far. And these are Super Bowl ads.

Did a cartoon just play the National Anthem?

John Fox has perspective on injury, harm, and health among those who compete at so high a level and suffer physically because of this game.

NFL is weighing in on the ethic of working so hard that one loses his health and it is justifiable due to the Sport. And Jimmy Johnson weighs in as well. There’s stress in NFL coaching?

At the end of this game I think I’ll be writing that the NFL out produced the advertising industry. The NFL outstrode the PR industry in promoting brand. The NFL out advertised the advertising. It was itself the greatest advertisement.

I’m still awed at the Fox segment in the White House. How many white Americans would set such tones in speaking with a President as marked that interview?

The NFL is promoting Richard Sherman. Sounds like Richard Sherman is the real thing. Is he humble enough to take a loss? Judging from how he rushed to share the thrill of the champion game with he who he had just competed at the championship level, Richard Sherman is a  sportsman who can compete and relate to the pure joy of competition at the highest level. I wonder how he and Peyton will share their game once it is over.

Terry Bradshaw’s advice to Russell Wilson! Oh, my!

Russell Wilson. Oh, my!

Russell Wilson went to Peyton Manning’s camp?

Hey! Hey! Hustle Russell!

The King in the crowd.

And he’s a Badger.

And then there’s Peyton.

This is going to be a good game.

Ad of my own: Here’s to all fellow Baltika fans who share the joy of this Super Bowl show. What a production! What a Lager!

Percy Harvin?

Super Bowl Pre-Game Coverage. Wow. What a show!

Martin Sheen. I met him once. At his house. He’d just made some liver pate. It was decent. Tasty.

Boy, Clay and Aaron sound so erudite in saying the Declaration.

Pretty amazing.

The Flag and the NFL. I tip my Baltika to you.

The NFL chose Michelle? Wow. Is that Ms. Biden with her. Wow.

So both Barach and Michelle Obama graced the air time of FOX so far. Amazing. Value added, even if not earned. You can’t say the man was unwilling to go into the lair of the lion to teach it how to roar.

Wow. The I Will moment. Remarkable.

Wow. Peyton and Russell Wilson. Wow.


Even with my new hearing aid, I still can’t understand rap.

I wonder how humble and graceful Richard Sherman really is?

So are these guys playing for the honor of the National flag, or for the NFL? What is that, the National Flag League?

Tear their heads off! Oh, wait. There’s the coin toss yet. A good 25 minutes since I thought it was game time. I wonder how good the adrenal glands on these young players are? Will they be running on residues with a half hour left in the game? Praying that their won’t be an overtime?

Peyton or Russell Wilson?

I kinda like that name, Russell…

My mother had such a crush on Joe Namath.

From the time Joe Buck said, Its finally here, the super bowl game, after a fusion of commercial time, four minutes expended before Denver ran it out of the end zone. The players still have ample adrenalin.

So far, Ellen wins. And the competition is worthy.



Well, for one reason or another, Peyton is just not getting a lot of playing time.

Percy Harvin, eh?

Montee Ball is also a Badger. Go Badgers.

So I thought Peyton was spotting the Seahawks 15 so that he could lead comeback rally to win and seal the debate as to whether he is among the best of all time. Will be even more impressed if he comes back from 22.

I’d rather watch Cobert, even if it is kind of lame.

Oh, that’s better, Cobert.

Oh, my. Peyton is beginning to look a bit like Jim Kelly.

The commissioner sacrificed his glory to sit among the people.

Peyton is beginning to look like the good Manning.

The world is integrated by Coke.

Sonos just killed Bose. Or at least claimed stake as a formidable competitor.

Halftime. Almost. I wonder if I turn the game off, whether I’ll be pleasantly surprised that Peyton comes back.

Bruno Mars? I think I heard him once on Pandora. I have a good friend who has a son in a band who had to fly from London to Mexico City to open for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I wonder how good you have to be to open for the Peppers. I’d like to hear him.

So Aaron Rodger’s insurance company puts it’s faith in another Wisconsin link. Wonder what Aaron thinks of all that? They honk Aaron’s good humor. They flaunt Russell Wilson’s dreams.

Did I say that I kind of like that name, Russell? Wasn’t Wilson some sort of volleyball?

Wow. Jeep = Free Will.

Bruno Mars, eh. Decent. Who’s this guy in the leg casts and no shirt? Part of Bruno’s group? Even with my new hearing aid and the neat new sound bar that Annie got me for Christmas, I can’t understand rap. Never could.

Wow, those were the Peppers? Wow. I used to work out to them in Philly. I recognized their sound back then. They evolved. I haven’t, I guess.

Oh, ya. Here’s the one song of Bruno Mars’ that I recognize. Just the way you are. Decent.

Good half time show. Better than the game. Unless you’re a Russell Wilson fan.

Percy Harvin, eh. Wonder if Adrian Peterson was watching that???

Time for Downton Abbey.

A good game for Russell Wilson. He’s a Badger, you know.

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