October’s Dream is Sweet

A good week, in review.

I’m grateful that all the debates are now past. I’m grateful I came across the letter from George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton upon the transition of power in the oval office in 1992. I hope for continued dignity for our country.

The week brought about the finale of our 16 month search fclarityor new property on which to build our dream home. We closed on the land that Gus andp1030412 Anne Hougen sold us on Little Long Lake a few miles north of Ely. This is a true landmark in our lives together. Cath has always dreamed of a home on a lake. I am drawn to the boundary waters. Our family has a new home. Well, we do need to build a house on the land… Check out our dreams for Ely here! (strummin’ by Denis Turbide)

We have Murd for the week. Murd is Chauncey’s half-brother. The two of them stood up for Michael at our son’s wedding.That’s Murd sporting his purple bow tie at the wedding.

A good week, five weeks out from Thanksgiving.


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  1. JOHN BUNCE says:

    Glad you and Cath settled on a spot to build your new home; sounds lovely. I am delighted to have a friend moving north rather than south! Be well. Let me know when the guest room is ready :-).

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