Kalea’s Calendar Cover

Chauncy has done something Kalea has not. He’s camped in the Boundary Waters. In this pic, he’s either challenging Kalea to make a BWCA excursion — or he’s warning her with all his will to avoid it. I think the former. If he could speak, it would be trash talk. […] Read more »

Annie’s August Color Plate

Most of us Vanderbooms love the BWCA in August. The weather’s warm; the water’s invitingly comfortable for swimming; there are few bugs, except for a half hour or so of mosquitoes at dusk. It’s a wonderful time to be in the Boundary Waters. Only Chaunce has reservations. He’s and upland game dog. […] Read more »

Annie’s Calendar Cover

Annie and Chaunce are special friends. Annie mentored Chauncy through his school book, 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance and her Weimaraner, Chalcy. Weimi’s are real smart, and love to learn tricks and vocabulary.  Chauncy has memorized all of the tricks in Kyra’s book. We’ve encouraged Chaunce to work on […] Read more »

Mike’s Chauncy Calendar Cover

I made calendars for our family. They feature Chauncy, our amusing Weimi who entertains himself by fooling with his ears, and who is always watching. In this section of RVanOnline, I will post the color plates for each of the months of the calendars, one each week in the respective […] Read more »