On Writers: Quinn’s One Sided Covers Stroke’s Impact

The documentation on the cover of the original Woodstock records included an apology for the quality of the album’s production. The live, outdoor setting at Max Yusgar’s dairy farm fell short of professional studio standards, so Woodstock’s producers cautioned listeners that the album contained flaws much like fine leather that […] Read more »

Walk, Talk, Run, Fun…

It’s interesting to consider; I’ve been thinking longer than I’ve been talking. Certainly longer than I’ve been writing. Hmmm. I wonder which I am better at? Clearly dependent variables. Can’t imagine writing anything without mastering at least some semblance of organized thought. Unless you’re Tom Robbins, the master of thought […] Read more »

Pot Gift Bombs, All the More to Cherish

If you squint so hard your eyes water, you might see it: Our new tea pot looks like a bomb. Squint a little harder and Pot’s spout multiplies and her bomb-like shape evolves into one of those mines that floats around in oceans, bobbing up against vessels and blowing them […] Read more »

The Making of an Electorate

The summer when I was 11, my Uncle Tom carefully encouraged me to watch both political conventions. I didn’t know his party or his political leanings. He simply sat with me, watched, and asked my thoughts about the speeches delivered by the politicians in Chicago and Los Angeles. He made […] Read more »

Memory in Fiction Writing

Having a poor memory may facilitate fiction writing, if imagination takes hold. Imagination can be mustered, nurtured and cultivated. A healthy imagination can compensate for a lousy memory. It can build upon the shreds of forgotten recollections. Even if one’s memory remains crisp, relaxed loosely disciplined memory synergizes with imagination […] Read more »

Late summer shrooms and brie on an heirloom

We had a great catch at Rochester’s farmer’s market yesterday. It made for a spectacular quick-fix dinner. We brought home fresh shitake, shallots, and an heirloom tomato. I sliced a thick disc from the plump mid-section of the tomato and set it on a cedar shake. Two thumb sized slabs […] Read more »

Eat this!

Our family seldom eats away from home. We prefer to cook our meals. I have been the mainstay in the kitchen for years. More recently, Anne and Mike have surpassed me in their knowledge and skills as chefs. I have been relegated to dishwasher and maintenance. It’s been a good deal. […] Read more »