October’s Dream is Sweet

A good week, in review. I’m grateful that all the debates are now past. I’m grateful I came across the letter from George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton upon the transition of power in the oval office in 1992. I hope for continued dignity for our country. The week brought […] Read more »

The Blessings of October, 2016

October 15, 2016 A week of blessed memories… The weather guy on MPR (Minnesota public radio) noted the other day that there are six weeks until Thanksgiving. This, he said just after observing the frost we had on Thursday morning was the first since April, and ending the longest growing […] Read more »

Russell’s Super Bowl

NFL works to project an image that sports on the field is cousin to the military. It endorses the notion that prowess on the field is akin to valor among our soldiers. In that light, it is of interest that one debates the value of sacrificing brains and bodily health […] Read more »


I don’t embrace age as a number of days, bunched in years, to be the definitive measure of one’s time in life. I prefer to consider growth in maturity toward wisdom as the significant measure of age. I do, of course, observe and celebrate birthdays. Anything for a party! I […] Read more »

The Good Earth

Earth brings us wonders. Mushrooms. Signatures of sleeping elephants. Autumn stealing into the Northland. It is a good home, this earth. Our first crop of shrooms. We had a singular show of promise from the shitake, but our September sprouting of wine caps was sizable. The ten harvested shrooms were […] Read more »